Our Story

We love flowers, and were (sadly) never very good at secret-keeping. Happily for you, that’s how It’s By U came to be…

Christine and Caroline Strzalka think that everyone should have flowers all. the. time.

Christine (on the left in the pic) is an award-winning florist and do-it-yourself flower teacher who keeps a big vase of wildflowers on her desk at all times, and loves to spill the tricks of her trade. Turns out, her lack of secret-keeping is a big win for you, since with It's By U, she shows you all the behind-the-scenes magic that pros do to turn fistfuls of flowers into wow centerpieces.

Her younger sis, Caroline, is the world's biggest fan of peonies. She's also a former digital media business exec whose specialty is building fun and creative products for awesome people like you.

One day last spring, while touring flower fields in California, the sisters learned that up to 45% of all flowers that are grown are never sold! Imagine the millions of fresh roses, lilies, and snapdragons that don’t have a home AFTER Valentine’s Day…sigh.

So the sisters built a team of flower-rescuers to travel year-round to growers and save those pretties from destruction. The beautiful blooms then get bundled into curated seasonal bunches and delivered straight from the field to your door. Sooooo much freshness and variety! On top of that, It's By U kits provide you with pro-quality tools and everything you need to learn how to perfectly arrange the blossoms in gorgeous artisan-made vases. They make it easy enough for anyone to do (even if you're a flower newbie). 

Plus, It's By U also donates a percentage of each sale to Random Acts of Flowers, a charity that upcycles flowers and distributes them to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. (Just something nice to think about while arranging your latest creation.)

You get stylish, longer-lasting flowers at better prices, you learn fun designing skills, and you're helping make the world a better place. What’s not to love?

 Can’t wait to get that first bouquet to you!