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How does itsbyu work?

We make flower arranging easy! Check it out...
  1. CHOOSE…your flower arrangements: We have dozens of styles in a rainbow of colors to fit your personality!
  2. ORDER…your kit. Our kits give you everything in one place to DIY your flower arrangements. You'll get all the fresh flowers, tools, containers, and accessories you need. You’ll also get a streaming video lesson that teaches you how to make your designs step-by-step. It's flower arranging for dummies. ;)
  3. GET…your kit: Two days before your event, FedEx, or a courier service, will deliver your kit to the address you indicated. 
  4. MAKE…your designs: Follow the step-by-step streaming video instructions and make your arrangement. Watch the video as many times as you like! Your video link will expire after one week. 

Where do your flowers come from?

Our flowers are fresh from the farm! We work with farmers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America to source flowers that are organic, ethical, and sustainably grown.

Who designs the your nifty flower kits?

We do! Our team of award-winning florists are always thinking up new designs so that you can have the most gorgeous, on-trend flower arrangements for your special day.

Ummm, I don’t know *anything* about flowers. Will I really be able to DIY my arrangements?

Heck, yes! We make flower arranging so easy, that anyone can do it. Our kits give you everything you need to be a successful home florist. Our streaming video lessons break down the process step-by-step. No previous flower experience is necessary! And if you get stuck at any point in the flower making process, just email us at

I’m soooo busy! Will I really have time to make my flowers?

YES! Most of our designs takes 30 minutes or less and can be done up to 2 days before your event! In fact, we recommend you make your flower designs as soon as possible after you receive your kit. You don't have to wait until the day of your event to make your designs. Your flowers will stay fresh for several days if you keep them hydrated and in a cool room out of direct sunlight.

We recommend that you organize a flower making party to get all your flowers done. Invite your family and friends over and tell them to each bring a pair of scissors. Then pour some wine, pass out snacks, turn on your favorite jams, and get to flower making! It’s a ton of fun to do together, and before you know it, you’ll have all your flowers finished!

One important tip...we recommend that no matter what, you do your flowers before you get your nails done!

Do I need any special tools to make these flower designs?

We've made itsbyu kits easy enough so that you can make the designs with tools and materials you probably already have at home.

For each design you'll need:
  • A strong, sharp pair of scissors 
  • Newspaper (to cover your workspace)
  • Rags or old towels (for removing leaves and thorns from stems)
  • Clean buckets or sinks with a little cold tap water in them (to store flowers while you work on them)
  • Trash bags (for cleanup)
  • A spray bottle (to keep your finished designs hydrated)
  • And of course, you'll need access to water. Flowers love their H2O!

Do I need to have a refrigerator to store the flowers?

Nope. In general, our flowers don’t need refrigeration – they just want to be in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from pets and kids. Just make room for your flowers in clean buckets filled with cold tap water until you’re ready to use them. (Note: If you choose to make small things like boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, or wreaths, you can refrigerate them, and they may last a few days longer.)

I have an idea for a bouquet. Can I get a customized itsbyu kit?

We can't customize itsbyu kits at this time, but please feel free to share your design ideas with us, and in the future, we may include your design in an itsbyu kit! Email your ideas to us at

I'm getting married this weekend! Can I still get an itsbyu kit?

Darn it, missed the cutoff! All orders must be placed at least 7 days before your event in order to ensure flower availability. Sorry - we cannot accept rush orders under 7 days.


Itsbyu's Guarantee

What is itsbyu's Fresh and On-Time Guarantee?

We guarantee that your flowers will be fresh and arrive on-time for your event, or we'll ship you a replacement kit overnight for free!

In order for this guarantee to take effect, if you encounter delivery or flower quality issues, you must contact itsbyu's customer care team the same day you receive your kit. You can reach us by phone from 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time Mon.-Sat. at 1-844-2-ITSBYU (1-844-248-7298) or via e-mail at Please have your order number on hand, and be ready to share photos of your flowers with us, if applicable.

Please note: This guarantee will not be valid if you do not contact us the same day as you receive your kit. This guarantee does not cover flowers with minor imperfections like small spots, streaks, or slight color variations.



I don't see the flower colors I want. Can I get a special order?

We'll have lots more colors coming soon! For now, the colors you see on our pages are the only ones we have available.

Will the flower colors be exactly how they look on the itsbyu website?

We do our best to give you an approximate idea of what your flower colors will be on our website. Because of differences in computer monitor settings and natural flower variations, the colors you see on your devices may be slightly different from the color of the flowers that arrive in your kit. Remember that flowers are living things, so there will always be color variations because of Mother Nature! Flowers may also have different hues depending on time of day and lighting conditions.

Something in my kit is broken or missing.

In the rare event that something is broken or missing in your kit, contact itsbyu customer service the same day your kit arrives so that we have time to ship you replacement items, if applicable. We can be reached via phone 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time Mon-Sat at 1-844-2-ITSBYU (1-844-248-7298) or e-mail us at Be sure to take photos of your delivery to document the situation and have your order number close at hand for reference.

I need to change or cancel my order.

To change or cancel your order, you must contact itsbyu at least 10 business days prior to your scheduled delivery date. Anything under that time frame cannot be changed or cancelled. FOR ALL CANCELLATIONS OVER 10 DAYS WE WILL CHARGE A CANCELLATION FEE OF 15% OF THE TOTAL COST OF YOUR ORDER.

To change or cancel an order, contact itsbyu customer service via phone 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time Mon-Sat at 1-844-2-ITSBYU (1-844-248-7298) or e-mail us at

What is your return/exchange policy?

We don’t accept returns or exchanges. See our 100% Fresh and On-Time Guarantee in these FAQs to find out more.

Can I get a gift certificate?

Gift certificates are coming soon! Stay tuned...

How do I use a coupon or discount code?

You can enter your coupon or discount code when you place your order.


Flower Care

I just got my kit. I opened the box and all the flowers look kind of floppy. What do I do?

No worries - the flowers are just asleep! They were packed in a semi-dormant state. All they need is a really good drink of water and a short rest to recover from their journey. Here's what you do:

  • Unpack your flowers right away, trim the bottom of the stems, and put the flowers into a clean bucket with cold tap water.
  • Give your flowers a few hours to relax and bloom. Most flowers perk up in about 2-12 hours. You might also need to remove some outer petals (which may look damaged or wrinkled – they’re there to protect the flower). It’s all in our flower care video here:
  • If you're still concerned after a few hours, please contact itsbyu customer service via phone from 8AM to 6PM Eastern Time Mon.-Sat. at 1-844-2-ITSBYU (1-844-248-7298) or via e-mail at

    Important: If you contact customer service, be ready to share photos of your flowers with our team, and have your order number close at hand.

How do I care for the flower designs I make?

GENERAL: Store your flower arrangements in a cool place out of direct sunlight (like a cool basement or an air conditioned room). Refrigeration is not necessary. Keep your arrangement away from children, babies, pets and people who are accident prone. We recommend putting your arrangements on a high table or shelf for safe-keeping. Spray your arrangement frequently with cool water from a spray bottle to keep flowers fresh. In general, you don’t need to refrigerate your flowers, but there are a few designs for which refrigeration could be helpful (see below...)

BOUQUETS: If you are making bouquets, put them in vases with the just the very bottoms of the stems submerged in cool water. Spray the flowers with cool water from a spray bottle frequently.

CORSAGES/BOUTONNIERES/FLOWER CROWNS/WREATHS: Put these designs in a loosely covered box and spray them frequently with cool water from a spray bottle. You may choose to refrigerate these small items, and they should last longer.

CENTERPIECES: Make sure your centerpieces always have water! If your design has floral foam in it, keep it wet - make sure it doesn't dry out.

When you’re ready to transport your flowers, place them gently in a box (you can re-use your itsbyu kit box for this purpose) and you’re ready to go!


Where do you ship?

We currently ship to addresses (not P.O. Boxes) only in the continental US.

Do you deliver to hotels, reception halls, vineyards, llama farms, etc.?

In a word, YES! ('re having an event on a llama farm? Can we be invited?)

Check with your venue to understand their policy on accepting packages, and to tell them your plan to use itsbyu. Be sure you give us the correct shipping address and contact name at the venue location.

If your kit is due to arrive at the venue location before you do -- listen up...this is important -- make sure someone is there to open the kit, put the flowers in a bucket of cold water, and then move them in a cool room, out of direct sunlight and drafts, ASAP! You risk wilting your flowers if they do not get immediate attention. Itsbyu is not responsible for flowers that are not hydrated and prepped by the customer according to itsbyu directions the same day the flowers are received by said customer.

More important stuff: Be sure to bring clean buckets, a few pairs of strong scissors, some old newspaper, and paper towels or rags to your flower making location. You'll absolutely need these items for flower making. Also, check with your venue to ensure that you will have internet access to view your video lesson, and make sure that you will have access to fresh water for your flower making.

When will I get my itsbyu kit?

You’ll receive your kit via FedEx or courier no later than 8:00 PM two days before your event. Please note that FedEx delivers only on Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

How do I track my order?

When we send you your kit, you'll get an email with a FedEx or courier tracking number.

If you still have questions after you’ve tracked your order, please call us at 1-844-2-ITSBYU (1-844-248-7298) or email us at for assistance.

Do I need to sign for my itsbyu kit delivery?

No, we don't require a signature for delivery. But we highly recommend that you have a neighbor or friend accept your kit, bring it indoors and get your flowers into water ASAP! Flowers are living creatures that need lots of love and care. Itsbyu will not be responsible for your flowers if you do not give them the care they require according to our directions right away.


Video Lessons

How do I access my online video lesson?

You'll get an email when your flowers have arrived (2 days before your event) with a link to your streaming video lesson. Click the link and you’ll be able to view the video from any device connected to the internet. You have 7 days from the day you receive the link to view the video before it expires. You can view the video as many times as you like.

Good advice: Watch the video at least once all the way through BEFORE you begin to make your design. The videos have important information, and they’re the best way to prepare yourself for flower making!

Help! I’m having trouble seeing my online video lesson.
First, check your internet connection. Shut down your computer and re-start it. If none of that works, e-mail as soon as possible. Tell us the details of the issue you are experiencing and give us a phone number and email address where we can reach you.


Refer A Friend

What's your Refer A Friend program all about?

We LOVE it when you tell your friends about us! We heart it so much that we’ll actually pay you to do it (for real)! Refer a friend to itsbyu, and your friend will get 10% off their first purchase when they spend $250 or more. As a reward, you'll get $25 cash. You can keep the cash for yourself, or you can be a total sweetie and donate it to charity. Click here to find out more.

Refer a Friend

Know someone who’s tying the knot? Tell them about itsbyu - they get 10% off their first order, and you get $25 for referring them!

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