What is It’s By U?

It’s By U is THE do-it-yourself flower arranging company!  We ship you a kit with everything you need to become your own florist – the farm-fresh flowers, tools, containers, and a streaming video lesson.  

Who designs your flower kits?

We do! Our team of award-winning florists are always thinking up new designs so that you can have the most gorgeous, on-trend flower arrangements for your special day.

I don’t know *anything* about flowers. Will I really be able to DIY my arrangements?

We make flower arranging so easy, that anyone can do it. Our kits give you everything you need to be a successful home florist. Our printable email instructions and streaming video guide break down the process step-by-step. No previous flower experience is necessary! And if you get stuck at any point in the flower making process, just email us at support@itsbyu.com

Where do your flowers come from?

Our flowers are fresh from the farm! We work with farmers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America to source flowers that are sustainably grown.

Do I need any special tools?

We've made It's By U kits easy enough so that you can make the designs with tools and materials you probably already have at home.

For each design you'll need:

  • A strong, sharp pair of shears
  • Paper towels (for removing leaves and thorns from stems)
  • Clean buckets or a sink (to store flowers while you work on them)
  • Trash bags (for cleanup)
  • A spray bottle (to keep your finished designs hydrated)
  • Access to water. Flowers love their H2O!

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to addresses (not P.O. Boxes) only in the continental US.

Do I need to sign for my It's By U kit delivery?

No, we don't require a signature for delivery. But we highly recommend that you have a neighbor or friend accept your kit, bring it indoors and get your flowers into water ASAP! Flowers are living creatures that need lots of love and care. It's By U will not be responsible for your flowers if you do not give them the care they require according to our directions within 24 hours.

What is your refund policy?

If you encounter an issue with your delivery, please email us within 24 hours of delivery receipt at support@itsbyu.com, and we will review your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Except as provided below, there are no refunds or returns for goods purchased from It's By U. All sales are final. You may receive either a refund or a replacement bouquet/hard good item (that is, a vase or shears) only if:

  • the wrong bouquet or hard good item was delivered;
  • the bouquet or hard good item arrives damaged or wilted;
  • the bouquet or hard good item was never delivered.

    In the event the bouquet/hard good item arrives wilted or damaged, you must send It's By U a photograph showing the damaged goods. 

    If you receive a refund, it will be in the same form of payment used to purchase the items. If you receive a replacement, it will be shipped as soon as possible.

    • It's By U is not responsible for Fed Ex shipping delays which may occur during holiday seasons and due to inclement weather.
    • It's By U is not responsible for packages that have been stolen or misplaced once they have been delivered.
    • It's By U is not responsible for goods that have been damaged by the customer.

    I opened the box and the flowers look floppy. What do I do?

    Your flowers were sent to you in a semi-dormant state from the farm. They need to be woken up with a good, long drink of water and time to recover from their journey.  Here's what you do:

    • Unpack your flowers right away, trim the bottom of the stems about .5", and put the flowers into a clean bucket with cold tap water.

    • Give your flowers a few hours to relax and bloom. Most flowers perk up in about 2 - 3 hours. You might also need to remove some outer petals (which may look damaged or wrinkled – they’re there to protect the flower). It’s all in our flower care video here: https://youtu.be/Nrb2kkgErB4

    • If you're still concerned after a few hours, e-mail us at support@itsbyu.com 
      Important: If you contact us, please be ready to share photos of your flowers with our team, and have your order number close at hand, so we can expedite help.

    How do I use a coupon or discount code?

    You can enter your coupon or discount code when you place your order.

    It's By U Subscriptions 

    How do It’s By U subscriptions work?

    1. CHOOSE…your style and frequency of flower refills: We have a number of flower arrangement styles to choose from that may fit your décor and personality. Then, choose your flower refill frequency -- you can choose once a month or twice a month. 
    2. ORDER…flowers alone -or- choose to add a separate starter kit that you can customize with a vase, shears and more!
    3. GET…your flowers and customized starter kit (if you ordered it)
    • Delivery:
      • Flowers and starter kits arrive within ten (10) days of initial order.
      • Starter kits generally arrive first (although there may be exceptions due to FedEx transit times); flowers may arrive the same day or later.
      • Flowers are shipped separately from hard goods because they come straight from the farm to you. 
    • Email instructions: Each flower delivery arrives with an email that tells you more about each flower, gives digital instructions that you can print out, and provides a general video guide how to arrange in the vase you purchased.
    4. MAKE…your arrangement: Follow the directions in the email and the general video guide to design in your vase.

    When will I get my It’s By U subscription kit?

    You’ll receive your starter kit within 10 (ten) days of your initial order.  Your  shipment of farm-fresh flowers will arrive in a separate box via FedEx.  Your flower refills will arrive, on the frequency that you chose, Thursday-Friday, excluding holidays, via FedEx.

    How do I track my It's By U subscription order?

    When we send you your kit, you'll get an email with a FedEx or courier tracking number.

    If you still have questions after you’ve tracked your order, please email us at support@itsbyu.com for assistance.

    Do I get a new vase with every flower shipment?

    You use the same vase that you received with your starter kit.  Just wash it out with bleach or dish detergent and hot water so that your new refill flowers can have a clean home.

    How do flower refills work?

    We continue sending you flower refills on a monthly billing schedule until you choose to cancel.

    Do I get the same flowers every time I get a subscription refill?

    No way – that would be a decor snooze-fest!  Our floral experts curate seasonal flowers so that your flowers are different every time and your arrangement always looks new!

    How do I switch or cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your deliveries at any time. Just log onto your account and follow the instructions.  If you would like to switch your subscription, you have to place a new order.

    I broke my vase. Can I get a replacement?

    Email us at support@itsbyu.com and our team will aid you in purchasing a new vase.

    Can I pause my subscription when I’m on vacation?

    You bet! Just log onto your account and follow the instructions for pausing your subscription. 

    Can I choose flower type or color for the flower arranging subscriptions?

    Just leave the curating of flowers to our experts!  They will curate seasonal flowers that fit the style that you chose, so that you get the freshest flowers that are growing now.  It will be a wonderful surprise for you every time!

    How long will my flowers last?

    Because our flowers are shipped right from the farm, you can expect them to last at least 7-10 days, if you care for them according to instructions.  Just trim the stems under water and change the vase water daily.