NEW! DIY flower arranging subscription kits.

Learn the secrets of flower arranging at home.

Like having a flower market at your front door.

It'sbyu - Select a style

Select a style

Learn to make one of four gorgeous floral styles. 

It'sbyu - Say when

Say when

You’re the boss of your shipping schedule. Want to make a new design every week? Every other? Once a month? Your wish is our command. You can also change or skip deliveries whenever!

It'sbyu - Snip and arrange

Snip and arrange

You’ll get a FREE starter kit that includes a container, floral tools and instructions. Then receive different bouquets delivered on the schedule you’ve selected, and streaming video instructions on how to arrange different styles in the container. Create a new design every time!

Let's do this

Step 1: Choose the look you want to try.

(You can change it later if you like.)

Step 2: Receive your kit.

Farm-fresh flowers
Curated bouquets last longer than grocery stores -  unique flowers in each delivery! 

Artisan Containers
Handmade from recycled materials

Pro Floral Scissors
Work like a charm on tough stems

Easy Instructions
Learn to arrange a new way each time with our streaming tutorials and instruction cards.

Get started Step 2: Receive your kit.

Not just another flower delivery service.

1 From the field to your table.

From the field to your table.

These flowers are so psyched to get to you, they’re skipping about 30 (ok, we exaggerate – more like 3) of the typical distribution steps. Because we ship directly from the growers we're reducing the carbon footprint, giving you flowers that last DAYS longer than grocery store flowers. It's a better product and a better value.

2 Quick and easy.

Quick and easy.

Never arranged flowers before? No problem! Our kits contain flowers in exact quantities to fit our vases, and our tutorials are easy to follow. So there's no way you can make a mistake! Create your own signature arrangement in 15 minutes or less.

3 A treat for the senses.

A treat for the senses.

Arranging flowers is hands down the best way to lift your mood and unwind after a hectic day. Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, unbox your beautiful It's By U blooms, and feel the joy of working with the lovely colors, yummy smells, and unique floral textures. Let the relaxation begin!

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There's something so satisfying about lining flowers up all in a row.
We'd love to see your flower arranging process!

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Make a Summer flower kit

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