One-Time Kits

Success is in your hands with these easy floral kits

Air Plant Cloche

Glass domes are ideal for displaying and growing easy-care air plants. Perfect for apartments and office spaces.

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Tiny Love

A marvelous miniature rose design you make in minutes. It’s a lovely gift! Charming on desks and night tables.

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Blissed Out Babe
- Soul Blossom

Making a flower arrangement has never been easier (or more adorable)!

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Blissed Out Babe
- Succulently Sassy

Learn the right way to plant and take care of a succulent in this cute vase.

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Blissed Out Babe
- Light & Airy

Long hair, don't care! These easy, breezy air plants are the easiest plants to grow!

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Stereo Botanico

A glass amplifier is the chicest way to display your phone. Fantastic stereo sound! Comes with easy-care air plants.

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