Blissed Out Babe
- Succulently Sassy

Learn the right way to plant and take care of a succulent in this cute vase.

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What's inside

Succulents are still having their moment, and our Blissed Out Babe pots are loving it! Put together this easy kit that contains some adorable sustainably-grown little succulents, soil, drainage rocks, moss, and planting/care instructions. In just a few minutes, you'll create a cute, long-lasting garden you'll be proud to say that YOU made!

  • Choose from a caramel pot or a white pot
  • Choose a size
    • Small - 2.75" diameter x 3.5" high. It's perfect for a desk or small table. Includes 1 mini Echeveria succulent.
    • Large - 4" diameter x 5.25" high. This one is good on a sunny windowsill or as a table centerpiece. Includes 3 mini Echeveria succulents.

Skill Level: Easy! We designed this kit for total beginners.

Making Time: 15 minutes.

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