Blissed Out Babe
- Light & Airy

Long hair, don't care! These easy, breezy air plants are the easiest plants to grow!

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Big hair, don't care. Our adorable Blissed Out Babes pots love showing off a new "do" of easy, breezy air plants. Perhaps the absolute easiest of all plants to grow, air plants (aka "Tilandsia") only require a little indirect sunlight and water to thrive. Collect a whole family of our Light & Airy Blissed Out Babe Kits. They'll make a great gift for your gang. Also...a super souvenir for bridesmaid proposals, birthdays, baby showers, bat mitzvahs, and more!

    • Choose from a caramel pot or a white pot
    • Choose a size:
      • Small - 2.75" diameter x 3.5" high. It's perfect for a desk or small table.
      • Large - 4" diameter x 5.25" high.  She's fit for a queen!
  • Skill Level: The easiest thing ever.
  • Making Time: 5 minutes each.

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