Take my advice – if you’re going to DIY your flowers, get a kit!

Take my advice – if you’re going to DIY your flowers, get a kit!

Posted by Christine Strzalka on

I’ve been a florist for a while, and when I tell couples how much their wedding flowers will cost, the conversation usually goes like this:

Me: …and that’ll be about $3,000 – all in.

Bride: *crickets chirp* …..Wow. I was thinking about spending $500 at most.

Me: Well, for your budget, we'll have to change to cheaper flowers or make the centerpieces smaller. You’ve got a lot of guests and a lot of people in your bridal party to cover. 

Bride:  Yeah...my budget is kind of set, actually. It is what it is. I think I’m going to DIY my flowers instead. It'll be easy and I'll save money. But thanks so much for your help!

Me: *crickets chirp*

What my couples don’t realize is that DIY-ing event flowers without a kit is not as easy at it looks and -- it can actually be more expensive!

Ask your friends – I’ll bet you've heard at least one story where the bride-to-be went to the grocery store, spent a ton of money, bought whatever flowers she could, and tried to make bouquets in her hotel room. But she didn’t buy enough ribbon or flowers, or the scissors broke, or the flowers start to wilt. The wedding is about to start, and she was in the midst of a flowerpocalypse. It's totally stressful..and not as cheap as she thought it would be.

I noticed the DIY trend was happening all the time in my flower business. So I called my sister, told her about it, and she said something brilliant: “Give the brides what they’re asking for – make DIY flowers easy for them.” And that, my friends, is how itsbyu was born.

Itsbyu helps you completely avoid DIY wedding flower stress. You go to itsbyu.com and pick the flower designs you like. Then we send you a kit with:

  • the right amount of fresh flowers you need in your colors
  • all the exact materials you need to make the designs
  • and a streaming lesson so you can’t mess up

You get to put your personal touch on your flowers, and you can save major $$$. It’s a wedding win, all the way. Its actually a win for barbecues and other parties too. 

Take my advice – if you’re going to DIY bouquets or centerpieces for a wedding or party, get a kit. Save money, have fun, and make your wedding memorable! Check out what’s blooming on itsbyu.com today. You can even try a kit before committing for only $20! Check out that deal here.