What's inside

If you think life should be all-natural and easy breezy, then you're definitely the kind of person who would love our "Rustic Cottage" wildflower design subscription. With this subscription you'll get bouquets that feature greens, grasses, and bunches of country-fresh flowers that look pretty in our hand-made, test tube birch vase. 

  • Size: 12"H x 12" D. Perfect for a dining table or side table.
  • Learn Floral Basics: With each floral delivery, you'll get an illustrated guide that shows you new ways to arrange flowers in your vase. 
  • Bouquets: 18-20 stems. It's a surprise each time!
  • Vase life: 5+ days
  • A moment to relax: 20 min. to arrange
  • Field fresh: Price includes direct shipping from our flower farms.

To complete the look, we recommend: Hand-made Natural Birch Vase and Premium Pro Florist's Shears. Ergonomic grip; safety lock; with rust resistant, 1 1/4" stainless steel blades built to cut through the toughest stems...and last. It's a must-have tool!

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